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ISO 9001 certified | Quality from over 80 years of experience

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Pneumatic hand stamps RBM

The Röltgen hand stamps are used for punching, control stamping and marking of workpieces.


Low contact forces on the workpiece are required to trigger the impact. The embossing power of the non-rebound devices is infinitely adjustable.

The easy handling and the flexible application possibilities as well as the quick and easy change of the centre punch inserts and embossing tools make these devices indispensable tools in trade and industry.

Group 1707
Pneumatic hand embossing tool RBM 10
Length: approx. 260 mm
Weight: approx. 520 g

Group 1708
Pneumatic manual embossing tool RBM 22
Length: approx. 300 mm
Weight: approx. 980 g

Group 1709
Pneumatic manual embossing tool RBM 25
Length: approx. 350 mm
Weight: approx. 1.660 g

The pictures show different possibilities of which tool can be clamped into the RBM. The RBM 10 has a centre punch attachment, the RBM 22 has a type holder with exchangeable steel types and the RBM 25 has an embossing unit with adjustable wheels. Tool change is quick and easy.

Punch capacity in steel or aluminium when using RÖLTGEN steel types and type holders.

These data are approximate values. Exact results can only be determined by a stamping test.

Hand stamping device: RBM 22
Character height: 3.0 mm
Material: steel
Max. number of characters: 3

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