Data privacy statement

RÖLTGEN GmbH & Co. KG exclusively gathers, stores and processes personal data in accordance with the applicable data privacy provisions. Personal data is only gathered, stored and processed by RÖLTGEN GmbH & Co. KG to the extent necessary within the context of a contractual relationship or to provide the information requested from you. Die RÖLTGEN GmbH & Co. KG will not pass on your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes, including the purposes of advertising and market or opinion research, without your express consent. RÖLTGEN GmbH & Co. KG will not use the data stored by you for such purposes itself, either, without your consent.

The institution responsible within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) is:


Paul-Röltgen-Str. 10 · 42699 Solingen, Germany
Phone +49 212/33 99-0
Fax +49 212/33 99-11

Data that is not linked with who you are is automatically stored when you use a website. The latter only concerns information that does not permit any conclusions about your identity. In addition, such data is likewise generated when you access any other website of any other provider. The latter includes, for example, information on the web browser used, the pages visited and the time spent on the pages. Such information is exclusively used anonymously, in order to continue to improve the website for the users. It is deleted as soon as any link to a person’s identity can be produced.

This website uses cookies, in order to facilitate your use of the site. Cookies are small files that make it possible to store data on the user’s device that contain data specific to that device. They serve the purpose of making the website user-friendly and capturing the statistical data of website use and analysing it for the purposes of improving the services provided. As a user of this website, you can moderate the storage of cookies by selecting in your browser the option to confirm cookies individually – or prohibit the storage of cookies entirely.

RÖLTGEN GmbH & Co. KG will inform you, upon request, what personal data about you is stored. The consent to the storage and use of personal data may be revoked vis-à-vis RÖLTGEN GmbH & Co. KG or by sending an e-mail to info(at) at any time.

Data privacy statement (PDF)