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Tablet punch destructor

After several million tablet pressings with the tabletting punch, coding and partitioning becomes gradually weaker. The tools are then replaced and sent to be scrapped. Have you ever thought about what happens to the tools after their disposal? There is a risk of unauthorized persons gaining access to the tabletting punch and using it illegally.…

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FlexiTab XL

It is commonly known that there are high costs involved in developing medicines. Research not only involves testing the ingredients, but also the shape and stability of the tablets. These are the medicines that are currently manufactured and sold in enormous quantities. In 2001, Röltgen designed and developed the world’s first threelayer tablet press for…

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Fehlmann AG

In order to optimise our production, we have decided on Fehlmann to supply our precision drilling and milling machine. The machine will be used generally in machinery construction as well as in jig making and tool making and is equipped with the latest Heidenhain control unit. As part of the process of installing and setting…

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Formatting tools for packaging machines

Since 2013 Röltgen GmbH & Co. KG has been producing formatting tools for blister machines and packaging machines from any manufacturer. These format parts can be made of aluminium, stainless steel or Delrin (POM). Röltgen produces custom drawings for you from which you can order again and again. The materials are specially coated and tempered,…

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Safety handle for marking punches

Röltgen marking punches allow users to make any marks they like, quickly and easily, on a wide range of materials using a hammer. Depending on the size of the punch, in recent years there have been frequent enquiries about the option of clamping the punches. If the punches are small, it is easy to miss…

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50-tonne press

The pneumatic-hydraulic stamping press from Röltgen GmbH & Co. KG is available in five different designs. The largest of these has a compressive force of 50 tonnes and weighs 787 kg. These presses, which are equipped with two-hand controls as standard, require an air pressure of just 6 bar. The use of air ensures quick…

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