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FlexiTab tablet presses play an important role in pharmaceutical research and development. They enable the fast and efficient production of prototypes and test batches of new medicines. The flexibility of these presses makes it easy to test and evaluate different formulations and dosages before producing them in larger quantities.

Another important application of the FlexiTab tablet presses is formulation studies. The presses make it possible to test different ingredients and compositions to find the best formulation for a new drug. This is crucial for the correct release of the active ingredient and the necessary stability of the drug.

Another advantage is that the FlexiTab tablet presses facilitate the scale-up process when a new drug is scaled up for mass production. They enable a smooth and efficient transfer of the manufacturing process from small laboratory batches to larger production quantities.

The FlexiTab tablet presses also enable the exploration of drug combinations. They can be used to combine different active ingredients and control the release properties to find the optimal combination.

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