ISO 9001 zertifiziert | Qualität aus über 80 Jahren Erfahrung
ISO 9001 certified | Quality from over 80 years of experience

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Universal table roll-off embossing machine

The universal roll-off embossing machine marks round and straight parts from 18 mm to 400 mm outer diameter on the circumference.

Group 1801 0000
Universal table roll-off embossing machine PR 1126

Roll-off embossing machine in robust design for round parts from 18 to 400 mm outer diameter. Straight parts can also be embossed with this machine. Pressure adjustment and pressure compensation during the embossing process. With height adjustment and piece counter. The roll-off type holder can be used in single or multi-line design. The type holder is equipped with segment steel types as single or block types, so that any text can be composed by the customer. The type height is according to the customer’s requirements and is max. 10 mm.

The roll-off type holder is equipped with types in a range of 180°. In the starting position, the flattened part of the unwinding head is always opposite the inserted workpiece. The workpiece is inserted between the counter-pressure rollers that have been brought into position and the type holder. The embossing depth is set with the hand crank on the right side of the embossing head. The height distance is adjusted with the rotary knob above the type holder (optional standard height adjustment with tool). After triggering the two-hand operation, the type holder rotates 360° and rolls the inserted text into the workpiece. After the embossing process, the rotation stops automatically and the workpiece can be easily removed.

Technical data:

  • Embossing range: 18 – 400 mm Ø
  • Height adjustment of the embossing head: 0 – 75 mm
  • Character length: up to 500 mm
  • Type height: max. 10 mm
  • Theoretical output: approx. 700 pieces/hour
  • Supply voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Machine dimensions: 1100 x 750 x 1100 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: approx. 250 kg
  • Possible applications: Flanges, fittings, circular blanks, shafts, fittings, sockets, pipe sections, bushings, turned parts, sockets, etc.

Optional accessories:

  • Roll-off holder, diameter 156 mm
  • Height adjustment via rotary knob
  • Lower table made of aluminium profile
  • Fixed roll-off die
  • Larger embossing area
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