Sometimes it is not possible to place the workpiece to be marked under the marking machine. For this case, there are our portable dot marking machines. Until now, however, these were only available with a separate controller and cable.

We have now changed this and developed a compact, self-sufficient and portable device: the Portadot 6030T dot marking machine.

With its built-in computer, fully programmable touch screen with display protection and operating pen, the desired marking can be entered directly on the machine. The 36V branded battery allows for many self-sufficient markings without a cable getting in the way.

The flat attachment with integrated V-shaped recesses enables marking of flat and round workpieces without set-up effort. In poorly lit halls, the integrated LED light equipped with a motion sensor helps.

The machine comes in a sturdy storage case and with a high-speed charger.

With its high-torque motors and precise threaded spindles, the dot-marking machine has been specially developed for the high demands of industry.

A carbide stylus is made to oscillate by a solenoid. This causes dots to be embossed into the material, resulting in the marking. Almost all materials up to 62 HRC can be embossed. The surface can be flat or uneven. The dot marking machine can independently compensate for a height difference of 3 mm.

Technical data:

  • Marking area: 60 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Battery: 36 V (brand battery)
  • Power supply charger: 230 V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
  • Stylus: 4 mm dia. x 50 mm


  • USB A
  • USB B
  • WiFi


  • Font heights from 0.55 – 59.9 mm in 0.15 mm increments
  • Adjustable marking force (therefore also depth)
  • Various fonts
  • Marking at any angle
  • Marking in any radius
  • Serial numbering
  • 2D data matrix code
  • Vector graphics and logo marking (.plt)
  • Processing of CSV files
  • Real time and date
  • Mirror font
  • Trial run function
  • Various menu languages
  • Password protection
  • CE logo integrated in software
  • Memory capacity: up to 9000 layouts

Options (at extra charge):

  • second battery
  • various grinding angles for gravers (e.g. according to ASME regulation)