Group 1600
Computer controlled numbering heads are ideal for marking flat material surfaces in vertical marking or roller marking. Typical marking applications: logos, numbers, combinations of letters, labels with special characters, markings etc. This numbering head can be used for roller pressing or mechanical power pressing of any kind. The tools are available as hot stamping tools and can be specially configured to meet your needs.

Group 16051605, automated switching
Completely automated numbering head with a pneu- matic switching cylinder, ready for electronic control.

 Optional extras:

  • Character size: 1,0 bis 13 mm
  • Numbers of digits: 1 to 50 digits
  • Engravings: (max. 10 engravings) standard 0 – 9, others on request
  • Kind of engraving and fonts:
    • sharp for metal marking
    • soft surface for colour marking
    • surface for hot marking
    • rounded to minimise notching
    • point engraving for lower stamping force
    • digital engraving to correct erroneous marks
  • Font Types:
    • standard font DIN 1451 middle
    • Braille
    • Farsi fonts
    • unique fonts of all kinds on request or based on templates
  • Special bearings: In order to prevent the wheels from sticking together if they get dirty or in case of oil build-up, the wheels may be fitted with special bearings.
  • Finish: The marking wheels may be finished with TIN, TIC, TIN/TIC and anti-stick coatings.

May be customised on request according to sketches, drawings or tem plates.