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Electric branding irons

Our branding irons can be used to mark wood, plastic and rubber quickly and easily.

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Electric branding iron

Electric branding stamps are tools used in various applications to create a permanent mark or emboss on surfaces. Here are some features and applications of electric branding stamps:


  • Temperature control: electric branding punches have optional adjustable temperature control, which allows the optimum embossing temperature to be set for different materials and requirements.
  • Replaceable embossing dies: The embossing dies on electric branding punches are often replaceable. This makes it possible to adjust the marking as required or to change embossing motifs.
  • Fast heat-up: Electric branding punches usually heat up quickly, which saves time and allows efficient marking.
  • Versatile applications: They can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, card, leather, wood, plastic and more.
  • Precise markings: Thanks to the temperature control and precision of the embossing dies, electric branding punches allow for accurate and legible markings.

Areas of application:

  • Product marking: electric branding stamps are often used to mark products with information such as serial numbers, manufacturing dates, logos or other identifying features.
  • Personalisation: They are ideal for personalising products, gifts and souvenirs by adding names, initials or special messages.
  • Leather goods: In the leather industry, electric branding stamps are used to emboss logos, designs or text on leather goods such as purses, belts, bags and shoes.
  • Woodworking: In the furniture and craft industries, these stamps are used to mark or decorate wooden products.
  • Packaging: Electric branding stamps can be used to apply information to packaging materials such as boxes, labels or bags.
  • Bookbinding: In bookbinding, they are used to emboss book covers, spines or inside pages of books.
  • Electronics industry: Electric branding stamps can be used for marking electronic components or assemblies.
  • Arts and crafts: Creative artists and craftspeople use electric branding irons to apply unique designs to various materials.
  • Food: In some cases, electric branding stamps are also used to apply information to food.

It is important to note that the possible applications can vary depending on the model and the intended use. It is advisable to seek proper advice.

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