Group 1610 …
Button numbering head
For setting number and letter combinations, each wheel is individually adjusted when the setting button is moved. The setting can be seen on the display numbers. All wheels are engraved with 10 numbers or letters and 1 space. All wheel segmentations are available on request.

Group 1615 …
Combined numbering heads
Automatic numbering head with additional button setting. All automatic switching wheels can be equipped with a button which allows a new number group to be set out of sequence upon completion of stamping of a sequential number group.
The numbering head can also be partially equipped with letter wheels.

Group 1620 …
Numbering head with side-on telescopic adjustment
Any desired number can be set using the telescopic adjustment and read in the viewing field. DIN 1451 engraving, customised number of digits, also available with letter wheels.

Group 1625 …
Quickly adjustable numbering heads
The number groups can be set analogously to a cash register. Wheels can be turned forwards and back- wards. The numbers or letters that are set can be read in the viewing field. DIN 1451 digit engraving, customi- sed number of digits. The following wheel options are available:
2 – 3 mm font size, 11 or 15 part wheels
3.5 – 6 mm font size, 11 or 13 part wheels
6.5 – 12 mm font size, 11 part wheels
Also available with heating as a customised extra.