MARKING-SYSTEMS 46 PAUL-ROELTGEN-STRASSE 10 · D-42699 SOLINGEN · TELEPHONE: +49 212 / 33 99-0 · FAX: +49 212 / 33 99 11 · WWW.ROELTGEN.DE · INFO@ROELTGEN.DE HEATING FOR NUMBERING HEADS All numbering heads and all type holders can be equipped with electrical heating. This option enables the application of very clean, lasting markings on almost any thermoformable materials such as plastic, leather, celluloid, wood, etc. without excessive force being required. All heaters are powered by 230 V or 110 V AC. Please note: When using heating and film transports, the numbering heads and types are engraved with a flat engraving. Group 1693 0000 Heating device with electronic temperature regulation A particularly precise heater with separate fine tuning temperature regulator. Suitable for stamping materials which require a precise stamping temperature. Temperatures between approx. 50° and 200°C can be set continuously. When the desired temperature is reached, it is indicated via a control light. Can be installed in any model. Even the mini numbering heads can be equipped with a heater with a separate temperature regulator. Group 1635 ... Double numbering head This numbering head is used when labels or sheets are to have raised or depressed markings stamped onto them e.g. because they are to be galvanised. The double numbering head consists of one stamp with raised engraved numbers, letters or logos and one with depressed ones. For accuracy, a die set rack is necessary and can be supplied with the head if desired. For the production of badges or signs, the numbering head can also be combined with cutting or hole punching tools. Subject to change. 05-14 DOUBLE NUMBERING HEAD