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Fibre laser marking systems are cheaper and easier to use than traditional lasers. A particularly high quality result in terms of durability of the laser source (approx. 50,000 hours), the excellent efficiency factor, the good processing of the com- ponents and the resulting clean marks.
A fibre laser is almost maintenance-free, compact and not affected by external factors.

Röltgen’s closed systems are able to mark almost all metals and plastics at very high speeds.

The included Windows based MarkMaster software can be used to create and save label layouts.
You can reposition and rearrange the individual lines using the mouse. Where the mark is located on the component, a safe, red guiding laser is used to provide a preview of the label.

Any Windows font in any font size may be used for marking. You can also create and mark company logos, images, bar codes or data matrix codes.
Of course, we also offer the relevant reading devices for the codes.

Fibre-optic laser marking systems are available in various sizes depending on the marking requirement.

10 watt, 20 watt and 50 watt systems are available. The marking area may be 60 x 60 mm, 100 x 100 mm or 150 x 150 mm in size.

Marking systems are typically supplied in an enclosed cabin which can be mounted on a work bench or table. A 110 – 230 V power supply is sufficient.
This robust steel cabin is laser class 1 compliant and therefore guarantees operating personnel’s safety.

The system has a large door on bearings, making it easy to open. In order to monitor the marking process occurring in the cabin, a large viewing panel is built into the door. Another key safety aspect is the 3x key- locked system, a feature which prevents misuse.

On request, Röltgen can also integrate laser marking heads into production systems or develop special housings to meet our customers’ requirements. These heads are then equipped with a 19 inch wide controller and are able to mark completely autono- mously.

Furthermore, there is a transportable laser marking device. However for safety reasons, it can only be operated as a class 4 laser if it is provided with suit- able protective equipment. With a radius of 3 m, it is also possible to mark very large components.

On request we can demonstrate this machine to you. Do not hesitate to contact us.