ISO 9001 zertifiziert | Qualität aus über 80 Jahren Erfahrung
ISO 9001 certified | Quality from over 80 years of experience

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Coding Tools for packaging machines

Type holders and type rings with fixed or changing text for your packaging machines.

Group 2160
Roll-off carrier rings with fixed text

These rings are used together with a basic holder.

For printing unchangeable texts or notices on folding boxes and labels of all kinds.

This can be for example:
“Unsaleable sample”
“Part of a clinic pack”.

Group 2170
Roll-off carrier rings with cut-outs for steel types

These rings are used to print changing data on the packaging. Any type of steel can be inserted into the recesses. These data can be an expiry date or a batch number.

If desired, a fixed text can be placed in front of these recesses.

As an example we would like to mention:
“Usable until: _ _ _ _ _ _”
“Ch.-B.: _ _ _ _ _ _”

The rings are placed on a basic holder.

All rings are made to your specifications. Foreign languages or scripts can also be engraved.

Group 1400
Steel types for packaging machines

These steel types are used as inlays for the rings mentioned above. Capital letters, numbers and punctuation marks are available from stock, but special designs are also possible.

Group 2140
Unwind type holders for packaging machines

This type of holder is used in packaging machines that work according to the unwinding method.

Unwind type holders are manufactured according to your specifications or drawings. We are happy to assist you and design the right holder for your machine. The holders can accommodate the above mentioned rings and steel types.

The size and number of embossing lines depends on the space available in the machine and on your packaging.

The embossing type holders are chemically nickel-plated and therefore food-safe and rust-proof.

On request, we can also supply the counter-pressure rollers and, if you want to print in colour, the corresponding ink rollers.

Group 2181
Type holders for packaging machines

These holders are very often used in blister machines. They are used to stamp expiry dates and/or batch numbers on the blisters. There are also carton packaging machines that use these type holders.

The type holders are manufactured according to your specifications or drawings. You determine the number of digits and lines.

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