Group 1210 …

Numbering wheels

These wheels give you all of the punch numbers or
10 letters in one hand. Consequently it is no longer
necessary to painstakingly change the individual
punch numbers. The visible engraving helps to select
the stamp. The percussion surface on the other side is
manufactured the same way as for normal punches,
making it highly durable.
Group 1210 …

Numbering wheels 0 – 9

in font heights 1 – 10 mm
Group 1211 …

Stamping wheels

in font heights 1 – 10 mm, a complete alphabet comprises three wheels:

  • wheel 1: A-l and . (period)
  • wheel 2: J-R and – (hyphen)
  • wheel 3: S-Z and , (comma) / (slash)

Optionally, you can order a stem for the numbering
wheels when stamping warm materials.