Freely controllable single-punch tablet press for galenics and research
The FlexiTab single-punch tablet press is remarkable for its high flexibility in comparison with carousel-type machines and eccentric presses. It is ideally suited to galenic development and small production runs. All common tablet types can be made using the FlexiTab, including single, double and even triple layer tablets with different layer thicknesses.

Using the FlexiTab and its various options, e.g. the press chamber coating or measurement data recording, makes the performance and optimisation of the first compression tests with a new granulate much simpler and faster. Thanks to a pressure cylinder, FlexiTab software and the PLC control, the press is not linked to any fixed production cycles and is primarily operated as a force press, so that it balances out the biggest disadvantages of an eccentric press. Using various adjustment parameters, you can change the process velocities.

This makes it possible, for example, to slowly deaerate the granulate or quickly discharge the finished tablet. Upon customer request it is also possible to develop custom workflows in the press cycle. If you want to save both time and money in your R&D, then take advantage straight away of the patented FlexiTab tablet press. We will be happy to provide you with a list of references or upon request to demonstrate the FlexiTab to you in our own showroom.
Advantages of the Flexi-Tab:

  • Quick and simple setting of the press force, quantity and layer thickness
  • Quicker and easier format change without removal of funnel and filling shoe
  • Easy cleaning of the product-contacting parts
  • Stainless steel product-contacting parts
  • Various operating types
  • Force pressing or optionally stroke pressing
  • Pressing of very small quantities through “hand filling”
  • Readily accessible press chamber


Optional extras:

  • One, two or three layer
  • Adapter for Euro-B, Euro-D, TSM-B, TSM-D, EK0 or EK2 tools
  • Press chamber coating
  • Jacket-core-table
  • Press force, eject force and length measurement in real time
  • Measurement recording software DAQ4
  • Validation documents