FlexiTab S – Manual tablet press

2075 0000 product line

Manual tablet presses for galenics and research
With the FlexiTab S you can now easily press a tablet with just a few milligrams and without a long set-up time. Pressing takes place manually or if desired electrically. The simple, but well thought-through concept of the FlexiTab S ensures you have plenty of flexibility in handling your granulates.

You can press both round and shaped tablets. You are optimally equipped for nearly all requirements with a pressure of up to 50 kN (5 tons) and a maximum tablet diameter of 20 mm. The product-contacting parts are either made from stainless steel or pharmaceutical grade plastic. Thus the press can also be used for pharmacy production or for clinical samples. Stamps of type EURO/TSM-B can be ordered directly from us. Optionally round, oblong, oval or free-form; with bevel, dividing groove or logo. Please get in touch with us.


Advantages of the FlexiTab® S:

  • Quick and easy setting of the filling depth
  • Quicker and easier format change without removal of the filling shoe
  • Easy cleaning of the product-contacting parts
  • Product-contacting parts of stainless steel or POM
  • Pressing of very small quantities by “hand filling”
  • Readily accessible press chamber
  • Easy to transport