Group 1705 3500
Universal hammer spring press
Processes such as stamping, aligning, trimming, drilling rivets, punching, bending, crimping are used in a range of industrial areas in the manufacturing and processing of workpieces. In some cases, this kind of work is still done by hand. Hammer spring presses are an attractive alternative which allow processes to be rationalised and modernised.


A certain level of pressure is required for the processes mentioned here. The presses in question use a spring and a striking pin. Dependent on the application in question, the striking spring is compressed to a certain point and then released. The striking pin then transfers this force to the clamped tool. Considerable forces are created by the speed of the impact. By changing the spring tension, the strike impact can be continuously regulated. The manual force required is minimal, as the toggle lever is only used to control the loading and clamping processes. The effective work pressure is applied by the hammer spring press.

The hammer spring press is supplied with four hammer springs. The force can be continuously adjusted from 7 kN to 30 kN.


Technical data: 

  • dimensions: 250 x 650 x 309 mm up to 30 kN
  • adjustable stamping force: clearance: 330 mm
  • weight: 33 kg
  • tool holder: 10 mm Ø x 38 mm
  • T-grooves: 10 mm (DIN 650)

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