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Group 1300

Type holder stamp are used wherever multiple charac- ters need to be evenly and cleanly marked. Letters, numbers or logos can be put together (as in typesetting) and marked with a single strike.

The individual parts can be re-ordered if they wear out. The striking cap is placed on top and can be removed and changed using a hammer.

This increases the entire stamp’s life and saves unnecessary costs.

Replacement parts:

  • small striking cap (product 16000070) (for 19 and 24 mm steel types)
  • large striking cap (product 16000072) (for 32 mm steel types)
  • type base (product 13010000) for type holder with a holding splint
  • type base (product 13110000) for type holder with a holding pin
  • holding splint (product 13030000)
  • holding pin (product 13130000)

Group 1321

Type holder stamp with hand guard

The hand guard is simply attached to the top of the extended type holder stamp shaft, protecting the worker from the hammer strike during marking.