Speed-i-Marker 940

2050 8000 product line
The speed-I-Marker 940 is a portable inkjet printer, that can be used to quickly and easily label products and packaging. It can not only print numbers, dates and times, and text, it can also print logos and barcodes. The compact unit is available with proven MP ink. This quickly drying ink makes it possible to reliably and cleanly label even hard-to-print surfaces such as metal or plastic.

The printing takes place by rolling the speed-I-Markers 940 over the object to be labelled. In mobile use the battery capacity is sufficient for up to 1,000 impressions. In this way batches can be quickly and individually identified.

By labelling directly on the surface, the speed-I-Marker 940 provides improved security against fraud or tampering.

With the specially developed software, images can be designed directly on the PC. At the click of a mouse you can drag the number, date, time, text, logo and barcode on to the desired position of the impression. A total of 4 print images can be stored on the device.

– Number, date, time, text, logos and barcode in multi-line impressions
– A print image can be created quickly and easily on a PC and then transferred by USB
– Mobile or stationary labelling
– Material to be labelled is printed by rolling of the speed-I-Markers 940, or alternatively in a contact less manner
– Prints quickly and quietly on smooth and uneven surfaces
– Integrated fastener for print cartridges