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Group 1520
Roller type holder with return spring
for all sizes. A holder for CNC machines and lathes.
Problem and solution product video Turned parts often have to be marked with product numbers, company names, material qualities, batch numbers, production dates etc. for product liability reasons. Röltgen precision tools can be used to mark workpieces in machining centres or on lathes during processing and in just a few seconds.


  • workpieces come out of the lathe ready-marked.
  • it is difficult for mix-ups to occur.
  • there is no need for external marking using stamping machines or hand-held stamping devices. This results in considerable savings in costs and time.
  • the roller type holders that we use can be used to apply customised marks, as the individual letters, numbers, logos and block types can always be changed around. This means high flexibility.


  • to mark the workpiece, the text is simply rolled out in a single pass.
  • it is therefore impossible to write over the text.
  • the roller type holder or roller stamp returns to the starting position (0 point) after marking and is ready for the next marking.
  • the relatively short rolling movement means that workpieces with different diameters but requiring the same mark can be marked using the same roller. In the past, a different roller was required for each workpiece of a different diameter.

Group 1850 3403
Roller type holder 76.3 Ø
(other diameters available on request)
Customers can put their own texts together using indi- vidual types. Block types with text are also available.

Group 1850 3600
Segment steel types
For roller stamping type holders. Character size:
2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 mm