Roller stamp

2800 product line
The sturdy aluminum roller stamp is designed for industrial use. The flexible TELOS rib system means the text can be quickly and easily changed.

Roller stamps are available in two versions:

  • With return: After one rotation, the printer roller runs back to its initial position after one rotation. You obtain the desired one-off print. The new return mechanism can be overwound to enable continuous printing.
  • Without return: The printer roller is freely moveable. Use for continuous printing.

Two different ink systems are available for the roller stamp:

Plastic-ink ink rollers (pre-inked single use ink rollers):

Plastic-ink ink rollers are very efficient ink rollers for up to 5,000 impressions on paper and up to 2,500 impressions on wood. The rollers can be replaced in just a few manual steps. The immediately available standard inks are: black, red, blue and green.

Re-inkable foam ink rollers:
The re-inkable ink rollers can be inked with many different inks and are multi-use.


  • Sturdy, simple and easy handling.
  • TELOS system for easy exchange of texts and logos.
  • Printing plates, firmly glued on and sealed.
  • Perfect for continuous printing or precise one-off printing.
  • Automatic inking of the printer roller using plastic ink rollers or re-inkable ink rollers.
  • 7 different sizes, suitable for each application.
  • Impression length: 260 mm
  • Impression width: 12 – 115 mm