RÖLTGEN – hand stamping devices are typically used for punch stamping, inspection stamps and marking. They are used as hand-held devices or are integrated into systems.

A slight contact pressure is applied to the workpiece to trigger the stamp.
The device stamps recoil-free can be continually adjusted.

The simple operation, flexible applications and quick and easy punch insert and stamping tool changes make these devices indispensable tools for artisan applications and industry alike.

Group 1707 …
RBM 10 Pneumatic hand stamping device length: approx. 260 mm
weight: approx. 520 g

Group 1708 …
RBM 22 Pneumatic hand stamping device length: approx. 300 mm
weight: approx. 980 g

Group 1709 …
RBM 25 Pneumatic hand stamping device length: approx. 350 mm
weight: approx. 1,660 g

The images to the right show some of the various tools that can be clamped in the RBM.
A punching attachment is mounted on the RBM 10,
a type holder with exchangeable steel types on the RBM 22 and a stamping tool with adjustable wheels is on the RBM 25. It is quick and easy to change the tools.

Marking performance for steel or aluminium when using RÖLTGEN steel types and type holders

These are rough reference values. Precise measure- ments can only be attained by trial marking.



  • hand marking device: RBM 22
  • font size:  3.0 mm
  • workpiece: Steel
  • max. number of characters: 3

On request we can demonstrate this machine to you. Do not hesitate to contact us.