Punch Destroyer

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Secure destruction of preforming tools

The tablet punches used for production are subject to wear. After several hundred thousand tablet pressings, the coding and/or the dividing groove become ever more poorly defined and the punches must be changed. If the preforming tools are simply scrapped, they may be stolen by unauthorised persons and used illegally. This creates a risk of immense, uncontrollable losses.

To prevent these losses, wornout preforming tools are often individually manually ground until the punches can no longer be used; a process that is both time consuming and expensive. With a RÖLTGEN punch destroyer, the task can be performed easily and cheaply. It processes up to 22 B or D tools or similar formats (with or without a feather key) completely automatically. The tablet punches for destruction are fed via a conveyor belt to a mechanism that then completely cuts away the punch tip. This ensures the punch can no longer be used.

After the process, the millings and milled punch are collected in a traversing and tilting scrap chute and can then be disposed of with other scrap metal. The RÖLTGEN punch destroyer functions completely independently and does not require cooling liquids or similar. As soon as all inserted preforming tools have been destroyed, the machine stops automatically. The RÖLTGEN punch destroyer can be installed and set up quickly.

In addition, no alterations are required for format changes. Very little tidying up is required after processing. The cutters, which become worn over time, are very easy to replace and resharpen. Now you can be sure of the secure destruction and disposal of your preforming tools with low manpower and operating costs.