Group 1720
Pneumohydraulic stamping presses,
Pressing force 4 – 50 tonnes
Completely connection ready. Only requires a 6 bar compressed air connection. The two-hand controls which have been approved by the trade association mean that the presses meet the latest workplace he- alth and safety regulations. The complete mechanism is hidden behind the covering rack.

The pneumohydraulic cylinders in this stamping press exploit the advantages of air and oil. The use of air, a fast medium, means that the distance between the zero point and the workpiece can be covered quickly. Given that air at high loads is not very protective of either marking tool or workpiece, once a force of a few Newtons is reached, the system switches over to oil and marks the label onto the workpiece powerfully but gently.

The unusual design of this modern press was not developed solely to be aesthetically pleasing – it has other advantages, too. The shape allows for a larger immersion depth which means that it can be used to mark larger workpieces.

The presses are available with stamping force of:
4 tonnes (product no. 17200400), 8 tonnes (product no. 17200800), 14 tonnes (product no. 17201400), 30 tonnes (product no. 17203000) and 50 tonnes (product no. 17205000). Without two-hand controls, the press can also run automatically in a production line. Customised designs are always available on request.

Other design features include the piston anti-twist protector (to prevent the stamping tool from twisting), the throttle to adjust the stamping pressure, the piece counter and the emergency off button.

On request we can demonstrate this machine to you. Do not hesitate to contact us.