Portable, fully programmable dot marking device for use in all applications in which the workpiece is too heavy or cumbersome to be brought to the machine. Uncompromising product quality in a light weight device make the Portadot LD2 suitable for mobile use. Marking systems for almost any area.

  • light weight design
  • portable
  • highly flexible
  • easy to operate
  • quiet, quick, high performance marking
  • wide range of possible applications G intelligent marking solutions
  • optional: battery operated

RÖLTGEN Portadot LD2, the light, portable dot marking system offering exceptional flexibility as a mobile, hand-held marking device, straight onto the workpiece

The RÖLTGEN Portadot LD2 is a fully-programmable dot marking device that can be easily used from one setting to another, from one workplace to another or in transport. The tried and tested dot mar- king technology is part of the development of RÖLTGEN’S most compact and programmable marking solutions.

Light weight design
With a weight of only 2.3 kg and an optical ergonomic design, the Portadot LD2 is easy to handle, maximizing productivity.

Portable and versatile
The patented aluminium marking head, protected by a stable poly- mer housing makes the Portadot LD2 suitable for use in most indu- strial settings. Heavy parts can be marked on location and do not need to be transported for marking.

High flexibility
The marking area of 50 mm x 25 mm is suitable for most marking applications with a single programmable system. Variable marking power for optimal marking depth on all work materials up to 62 HRC (800HV). The lead screw which is driven by the marking head guarantees a level of dot precision that cannot be achieved by other systems. The Portadot LD2 is thus capable of printing 2D data matrix code markings.

Easy to use – immediately ready for use
The compact ergonomic design makes the device easy to handle and suitable for use at any location. The high performance software minimizes operator training time and maximizes production efficiency. The multilingual interface allows you to choose from the various font types and sizes, as well as rectangular or curved mar- kings, serial numbers and date and time marks.

Quiet, quick and efficient marking
The Portadot LD2 does not need compressed air, and instead comes with a 230 Volt (or, optionally, 110 Volt) electric connection, making it not only highly efficient, but also considerably quieter than compressed air systems.

Wide range of potential uses
The standard hardware options include V plates for marking round components, tables and columns for table-mounted applications and an extension cable of up to 9 m (3 m standard) for complete freedom of movement. The Windows software allows the operator to control the system using the familiar PC Windows interface and im- proves the networking and data storage capacity. Extended warranty packages are available.

Customised equipment and material capabilities available on request.

Technical data:

  • marking area: 50mmx25mm
  • standard font sizes:  0.15 mm to 24.9 mm in increments of 0.15 mm
  • marking format: 5×7, 7×9, Varidot, 2D Data Matrix
  • marking speed: depends on the application
  • storage capacity: LCD: 1350 layouts, Windows: depends on the hardware capacity
  • weight:  marking head / cable: 2.3 kg, computer: 10 kg
  • electrical supply: 230 V 50 Hz, 110 V 60 Hz
  • dimensions:
    marking head: 250 x 650 x 172 mm
    computer: 395 mm x 343 mm x 128 mm

On request we can demonstrate this machine to you. Do not hesitate to contact us.