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Marktronic Indot 3000
Dot marking machine for installation in production lines
This model from the Marktronic range was specially built for independent, self-sufficient use in production lines. The marking heads are dust and water spray resistant.

The machine’s rigid construction and the high quality of the threaded spindle drive allows these machines to be used for the most complex data matrix applications, as well as in continuous operation at high speed. The controller is connected to the marking head via a high quality cable. This avoids static charges building up in the control.

You are offered a range of different connection options. The controller has a 24 V digital input/output with 8 in- puts and 6 outputs. These can be programmed to control the customer system using a script language. The two RS 232 interfaces can also be programmed to download marking data or to control the machine. Additionally, the optional TCP/IP Ethernet connection allows the system to be controlled via a centralized server.

For applications in which high quality is particularly important, or where the workpiece tolerances are a little bigger, we offer you the AutoSense system as an optional extra. The machine automatically adjusts the distance from the surface and chooses the optimal distance from which to perform the marking. After completion of mar- king, the machine returns to its starting position.

Models with the AutoSense system require a digital z-axis which is also available as an optional extra. We recommend the use of the AutoSense system and digital z-axis for data- matrix markings and markings on components with varying heights.

The Indot marking heads are available in various sizes:
e.g. Image above
– 50 x 25 mm marking area

Image below
– 150 x 150 mm marking area

On request we can demonstrate this machine to you. Do not hesitate to contact us.