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Type plates and type plate labelling devices
Is your product properly labelled?
We are specialists for the production of labels and plates of all kinds and materials. Clear details and in- structions using scales and tables ensure correct operation. And furthermore, appealing labelling im- proves sales. The device’s front panel is the face of your often expensive machinery. Our graphics can be used to add to such front panels (applied either directly onto the panel or on a cover plate).

We also produce trim and decorative plates for the consumer goods industry.
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What types are there?

1. Etched plates
in aluminium, brass and stainless steel. For watertight connections, raised effect.

2. Anodised aluminium plates, anodised oxidation. For flat, scratch-free and corrosion-resistant labels. Labels and front plates.

3.Printed labels on aluminium, acrylic or plastic plates. For front panels and number plates which are not subject to much stress.

4. Engravings, very versatile, suitable for individual units or small batches.

5. Film labels, self-adhesive. Aluminium, plastic, paper, mass production for small labels. High performance industrial stickers are chemical and heat resistant, even under extreme temperatures.

6. Stamped labels, aluminium and plastic, individual units or small batches.

7. Cast signs. Aluminium and bronze. Durable and legible. Very robust.

Holes and cut-outs according to the customer’s instructions.