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The PR 410 label stamping system was specially developed for raised or imprinted labels for industrial applications.

The PR 410 model’s housing provides the operator with easy access to the system; the feed magazine and the entire label conveyor mechanism are accessible from the front panel. The robust housing design makes the machine suitable for set up and operation in industrial settings.

Adjustable feed magazine
The PR 410 comes with a feed magazine, the width and depth can be adjusted in minutes without the need for any tools. A system for the processing of a wide range of different formats. The magazine has a capacity of up to 250 labels with a material thickness of 0.5 mm.

Label output
The label stamping system comes with a side-on label output as standard. This is suitable for applications in which the stamped labels are to be used directly after stamping. Optionally, the machine can be supplied with a label output magazine (FIFO).
You decide which method best suits your needs.

Group 1920
Stamping drums and stamping types
Engraved stamping types are used in the stamping drum of a label stamping system. Depending on the precise industrial use, PR 410 is specially configured as follows: for metal labels or plates which are to be used as type or rating plates, smaller font sizes are typically used; for marking tags or applications which will be covered with thick coats of paint or will be galvanised, larger font sizes are typically used. Depending on the customer’s needs, the suitable stamping drum will be determined and the stamping types inserted. Each PR 410 is therefore a customised, configured, ready-to-use device, not a standard off- the-shelf device.

Robust design and construction
The quality of the stamping mechanism is key to reli- able and high quality marking. The PR 410 model’s powerful motor, extremely robust stamping arms and hardened stamping drum guarantee high stamping quality.

Insulating materials in the housing reduce the noise emissions and thus make the system suitable for use in office-like environments.