Group 1605 …
Automatic numbering
For sequential numbering of steel, non-ferrous metal, wooden or plastic workpieces. The numbers can be in- creased manually or automatically when the press raises the mechanism.

Individual parts for the 1605 and 1610 line numbering head

1 wheel box
2 switching flap (1605 line)
3 front grabber
4 spring for front grabber
5 character wheels (2nd – 6th digit) 6 character wheel (1st digit)
7 rear grabber (1st – 6th digit)
8 spring for rear grabber
9 axle
10 axle for switching flap
11 2 Seeger rings
12 axle for rear grabber
13 axle for front grabber
14 shank
15 stop screw
16 cradle suspension
17 return spring
18 setting button for press (1610 line)

On request, we can manufacture customised solutions to meet your needs.